Approved Hypno Birthing Training

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Hypno Birthing® Support Techniques for Birth Professionals

1 Day Certification Course (Non-Practitioner) with Sonia Richards

This is a NEW 1 day Certification course for Birth Professionals who would like to feel more confident in assisting Hypno Birthing mum’s achieve a calm, relaxed experience.

The training will empower you to be an advocate for a woman’s desire for a normal birth so that you can work together with her and alongside the birthing companion, to hold the space for her and her baby’s experience.

Our clients are educated in normality and in what their minds and bodies are capable of achieving. They are also prepared to accept when changes are necessary for truly medical reasons. The support of the Birth Professionals involved is extremely important in these situations to help a woman to stay calm, relaxed and focussed.

Some Hypno Birthing clients requiring assistance still manage to birth without chemical anaesthesia despite the need for induction. Those requiring Caesarean Section are taught about mother centred C/S and still use breathing and relaxation to embrace and enhance this experience.

A knowledgable Birth Professional who exudes calmness is key to the emotional support a woman needs for both normal birthing and for accepting such changes due to special circumstances. This is a huge factor in the satisfaction that women feel with their birthing experience during and after the event. Hence it improves emotional and mental health outcomes and reduces Post Natal PTSD.

What you will learn:

  1. The origins, history and philosophy of Hypno Birthing
  2. How the mind affects the body
  3. The effects of language both positive and negative, during pregnancy and birth and how this affects our physiology
  4. Understanding the effects of fear on pregnancy and birth
  5. The purpose of visualisation and affirmations on emotional and physical health
  6. The 3 breathing techniques that women use to instil calmness, deep relaxation and comfort during their experience
  7. The natural expulsive reflex and birth breathing
  8. Relaxation techniques that you can use for yourself as well as with mums
  9. Encouragement of a natural third stage
  10. What relaxed Hypno Birthing is like via video footage


  1. Course Fee: £150.00 includes course manual and a relaxation CD courtesy of UK Hypno Birthing Training
  2. The Hypno Birthing Book and Rainbow Relaxation CD set: £25.00
  3. The Hypno Birthing Book: £15.00
  4. Special in-house training rates for Trusts, Universities and other organisations. Please call me for details