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Sonia Richards BSc(Hons), MSc, FIBMS, MICHT

UK Hypno Birthing Faculty Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner, IEMT Advanced Practitioner & Trainer, Biomedical Scientist, Complementary Therapist, Baby Massage Instructor, Visiting Lecturer in Hypno Birthing at the University of Greenwich, International Chair of the Association for IEMT Practitioners

Sonia Richards

I trained as a Hypno Birthing Antenatal Educator inspired by the work of Marie Mongan. Having found this amazing programme, as a scientist, the course and its teachings make absolute physiological sense.   In terms of the emotional response and its effects on the body, also on the psychology of birth, Hypno Birthing  offers complete preparation for mum’s to be, birth companions and their babies.

My work includes lecturing and training both nationally and internationally to a wide variety of professionals. I lecture on HypnoBirthng to student midwives and give talks to other interested parties as a Member of the Hypno Birthing UK Advisory Board.  My work in Brighton includes involvement in the Pregnant in Brighton Professionals Group,  the Brighton Birth Network, and as the Hypno Birthing representative on the local Maternity Services Liaison Committee working with Midwives, Obstetricians, PCT representatives, Health Visitors, GP’s, NCT, Doulas and parent groups to help improve maternity services for Brighton & Hove and Lewes.

My courses provide up to date knowledge of maternity matters and regularly  add to my knowledge base by attending Continual Professional Development events. Having had many years of experience of helping couples prepare for birth in a more normal, relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable way I am always excited about meeting new clients and love the positive mindset that this work helps people to achieve.

Clinical Hypnotherapist,  NLP Master Practitioner & IEMT Advanced Practitioner/Trainer there are so many ways to help people to empower themselves to make changes and move their life forward positively. There are many misconceptions about Hypnotherapy and NLP and my sessions help to demystify this. They are a mixture of many techniques working on the physical as well as the emotional responses that can be upsetting the body’s balance.  Some of them will be standing up and using movement to effect change as well as the more traditional  seated relaxation. You will always leave with fabulous tools and techniques to help yourself make the changes you seek.

Complementary Therapist I provide bespoke therapies for clients both pregnant and non-pregnant and am also a qualified infant massage instructor. Therapy sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the client and therefore can include a mixture of therapies in one session.

Steve Griffiths, DipHyp Psych NRH GHR ASK

Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist Hypno Birthing Faculty Practitioner IEMT & NLP Practitioner, Systematic Kinesiologist, UK Hypno Birthing Faculty Trainer and Advisory Board Member

Sonia Richards

Steve is the longest serving Hypno Birthing practitioner in the country. He mainly works in the South East and was the first hypnotherapist to introduce Hypno Birthing to the UK. He is also an experienced Hypnotherapist, Solution Focused Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner. He has also recently qualified as an Applied Systematic Kinesiologist.

Steve has appeared on national and local TV, in national media and radio talking about Hypno Birthing.

Steve is also one of only three Faculty Trainers for the Hypno Birthing Institute who Marie Mongan has personally chosen to offer training to midwives and therapists who wish to become Hypno Birthing Childbirth Educators in the UK and Ireland.

In his role as faculty trainer for the institute, Steve has also lectured on Hypno Birthing and hypnosis to Royal College of Midwives and to professors, doctors midwives and other interested parties in the UK and abroad.

Steve is a very experienced Hypnotherapist NLP and IEMT Practitioner and performs training in Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence to medical professionals and business professionals both nationally and internationally.