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The History of Hypno Birthing

Hypno Birthing was originally established in the United States by Marie Mongan, who is the founder of The Hypno Birthing Institute

Her book "Hypno Birthing: A Celebration Of Life" was first published in 1989, and Hypno Birthing is now taught in countries all over the world.

The development of Hypno Birthing

When Marie Mongan's daughter expressed her desire to have a child, Mickey called upon her own experience of having laboured calmly, gently, and naturally, using the theories of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, during the births of her four children back in the mid 50s and early 60s.

Using her counselling background, and her skills as a Master Hypnotherapist, she developed the Hypno Birthing program for her daughter and two friends. The success of these births brought several hypnotherapists to Mickey's office, asking to be trained in whatever she was doing in birthing.

From there the programme grew and took on a life of its own. Medical people who witnessed Hypno Birthing became interested, and many became practitioners. Childbirth educators from other programs came to be practitioners as well.

Soon, the natural appeal of Hypno Birthing began to spread into the mainstream. Not long after that, in 1993, Hypno Birthing was introduced into Canada, and later into Australia, and finally into the UK.

Since then, many thousands of parents and their babies have joined the ranks of Hypno Birthing families. Today, Hypno Birthing is taught in over 40 countries, and more locations are being added on a regular basis.

The program has been recognised by many leading newspapers and magazine publications across the world, as well as being featured in The Guardian, The Times, BBC TV News, This Morning, Richards and Judy, Meridian TV News, Time Magazine, Newsweek and may other publications and Tv programmes globally..

Because of Hypno Birthing, couples today can look forward to a beautiful, calm and serene birthing experience, where mother, baby and birthing companion combine in joyful bonding.

The origins of Hypno Birthing

Hypno Birthing is based on the work of Dr Grantly Dick-Read, an English physician, and whose principles are also the foundation of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

In his book "Childbirth Without Fear", originally published in 1933, he states that:

Maybe some quote: “There is no physiological function in the body that gives rise to pain in the normal course of health. In no other animal species is the process of birth apparently associated with any suffering, pain or agony, except where pathology exists or in an unnatural state, such as captivity. When we're afraid, our body diverts blood and oxygen from non-essential defence organs to large muscle groups in our extremities. Our face drains of blood and we are said to be 'white with fear'.”.

Dr. Dick-Read

Dr. Dick-Read hypothesised that the fear felt by a woman during childbirth also caused blood to be filtered away from her uterus, so it could be used by the muscles that would flee the dangerous situation. As a result, the uterus was left without oxygen and could not perform its functions efficiently or without pain.

This belief led to Dr. Dick-Read's theory that fear and tension cause the labour pains in approximately 95 percent of birthing women. He termed this phenomenon "the fear-tension-pain syndrome of childbirth," and he believed that by eliminating the fear, women could return the uterus to its normal function, thereby eliminating the pain.