Approved Hypno Birthing Training

The Only Evidence Based Program Available

Hypno Birthing® Fertility Consultant Training

With Steve Griffiths, the only Approved Hypno Birthing Institute Trainer in the UK and Ireland

Hypnosis for Fertility

Infertility is a very common problem with around 20% of all couples experiencing difficulty conceiving. Although there are many medical causes for infertility, around a third of couples have no readily definable cause. Understandably a large number of couples choose to undertake medical treatments to help them conceive.

Aside from any medical issues, the contribution of psychological factors to difficulties in conceiving is acknowledged by everyone involved with the treatment of infertility. Stories abound of couples who conceive after adopting, who give up trying and fall pregnant shortly afterwards, or who get pregnant easily after eventually having a first child.

Stress and depression are major factors which can affect a woman’s ability to conceive. Over 40% of couples are now turning to complimentary therapy to assist their family planning and the evidence is growing in support of specialist hypnotherapy for increasing your chances of conceiving naturally and for increasing the success of IVF treatment. The success rates for the fertility hypnosis are significant, and it has been shown to increase the chances of natural conception by up 55% and double the success rate of IVF treatment.

Who can train?

To become a Hypno Birthing Fertility Consultant, you must be a certified Hypnotherapist. However you do not need to be a Hypno Birthing Practitioner.

This applies even if you are a Hypno Birthing Practitioner. You must be a certified/trained hypnotherapist i.e. have done training other than the two-day "Introduction To Hypnosis For Birthing".

This newly expanded course, offered ONLY through UK Hypno Birthing Training, will guide you in helping families achieve their dream of conceiving and birthing a child, whether they are choosing medically assisted conception or alternative methods.

You will learn about the causes of infertility, and the medical options that the families you work with may be choosing. Discover how stress affects the hormonal balance of the body, interfering with conception. Learn new techniques for use in your pre-session consultation. Strengthen and practice your hypnotherapy skills through the many included scripts, classroom demonstrations and break out sessions.

Expanding your practice into the field of fertility is a natural enhancement to your Hypno Birthing or hypnotherapy practice. Experience the joy and satisfaction of guiding families through their healing journey to conception.

What does training Involve?

You will learn the following of Hypno Birthing Fertility Consultant Training:

  1. Anatomy & physiology
  2. Fertility Health (male & female)
  3. Causes of infertility
  4. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
  5. Complementary approaches to fertility
  6. The emotional landscape in reproductive health
  7. Hypnosis and fertility
  8. Common issues
  9. Self tree house drawing interpretation
  10. Family tree work
  11. Creative metaphors in fertility
  12. Hypnotherapy script work
  13. Case studies
  14. Research data


2 day Training course plus course materials and refreshments:

  1. Course Fee: £450.00
  2. Early Bird available at £395.00 (see individual courses for details of dates)

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