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About Hypno Birthing

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What is Hypno Birthing®?

Hypno Birthing combines the use of self hypnosis with childbirth education. This method of natural childbirth preparation was introduced into the UK by Steve in 2000 and has been taught by Steve and Sonia ever since. It now has the support of the Royal College of Midwives who have seen the relaxed more comfortable births that can result from using these techniques.

In essence Hypno Birthing teaches women that, in the absence of fear and tension, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour.

We teach women and their partners that in the absence of fear or any other negative emotions, birth can be a calm, powerful and immensely positive experience.

Can this be true?

Yes it can and midwives who have seen the techniques in action now recommend it enthusiastically. Hypno Birthing has also been reported on TV in the National media and now even the Government’s main medical advice committee (NICE) is stating that it is helpful. If you want to know more look on our Practitioner website and read the numerous testimonials from parents who have used Hypno Birthing for their births.

What exactly is Hypnosis?

You may not have realised it but hypnosis is entirely natural. We go into natural trance states everyday and it is generally during the time when we are feeling relaxed, like day dreaming, reading on a train or even watching TV.

We teach clients how to achieve a deep relaxation during the classes and with practice they can learn to develop this natural ability and shut out the chatter of the conscious mind to enter into a profoundly restful state. In childbirth this means that they will have the ability to maintain a relaxed focus and their body will respond by allowing the birth process to progress in a natural, calm and efficient way and often comfortable way.

Mums can look forward to discovering just how to tap into that natural state, and relax, turning birthing over to their body and baby because they know exactly what to do. The inner-conscious mind, the part that conceived and nourishes babies can get on with bringing him or her into this world.

What do we teach in Hypno Birthing classes?

With the Hypno Birthing method we teach an understanding of how the body works during pregnancy & labour so that when a woman is sufficiently relaxed, the birthing muscles can work in perfect harmony as they were designed to. Clients learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates and they learn to use their natural birthing instincts for a calmer and more comfortable birthing.

With Hypno Birthing, clients will not be asleep but are in a deep state of relaxation. They are fully conversant in between contractions, but totally relaxed and fully in control. We teach women how to relax into the surges (contractions) using specific breathing techniques and focused visualisations. In this calm state the body’s natural anaesthesia, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that cause pelvic muscles to constrict and cause pain when women are fearful or anxious.

With Hypno Birthing the partner or birth companion is fully involved and is taught how to help mum practice her relaxation techniques between classes and to help her maintain relaxation during labour. The technique is designed to work equally well in a medical or home environment. It is complimentary and is not meant to be an alternative to appropriate medical intervention.

What will it feel like and will I be able to hear others?

Everyone’s experience of hypnosis is different, some become so absorbed that the sounds around them fade way into the background, you will remember a time sunbathing or resting peacefully, not asleep but in a very relaxed state, well it is very much like that.

How long will it take to learn?

Again everyone is different. Some Mum’s get there quicker than others, the important thing is that you take time out to practice regularly trusting that just as you have learnt so many other things in your life you will soon become familiar with your bodies ability to relax deeply. The process will become like second nature.

Will mum still be in control during the labour?

Yes, and when deeply relaxed mums will be more in tune with their body and the baby. They are able to move around and chat as they wish, but as labour progresses we find that mums become more and more focused and although they can talk to and respond to their partners and the midwife, they naturally concentrate on the calming hypnotic state and breathing.

When should women start the programme?

We recommend you start anytime from 20 weeks onwards. We suggest women start before they are 32 weeks but we have had mums who have started as late as 37 weeks and still received benefit from learning embracing the philosophy and learning the techniques.